[1] These jellies taste like real cocktails (all photos © Eat Your Drink).

[2] A lineup of food fun.

[3] So much better than a mint on your pillow.

[4] Naughty Or Nice, the limited-edition holiday collection.


We have a new candy love: alcoholic cocktail gummies from Smith & Sinclair

The London-based confectioner creates alcoholic drinks you can eat. Really.

These delicious gummy mounds—actually pâte de fruits (think Chuckles, one of our childhood favorites)—hold a subtle kick at 5% ABV (the equivalent of ½ shot of alcohol). Yes, you really taste the rum or tequila.

Can you get smashed by eating them? Not in our experience—and we ate four pieces at once!

Individually wrapped, the bites of heaven are gluten-free and vegan.

Each two-bite gummy has a spirit base (gin, prosecco, rum, vodka or whiskey) that is blended with fresh fruit, herbs, syrups. You can taste the high quality of the ingredients.

They’re coated with garnish infused sugars (photo #1) that add to the cocktail flavor.

The company suggests that you allow the gummy to rest on the palate, but we found it difficult to wait.

The different assortments each feature 4 flavors of “expertly mixed cocktail gummies”—two pieces of each flavor.

The After Dinner Box we received as a gift contained:

  • Gin and Tonic (40% gin)
  • Mocha Espresso Martini (40% vodka)
  • Hibiscus Negroni (40% gin)
  • Passion Fruit Mojito (40% white rum)
    The Celebration Box includes:

  • Berry Daiquiri (40% dark rum)
  • Elderflower Gin Spritz (40% gin)
  • Passion Fruit Mojito (40% white rum)
  • Pineapple Bellini (40% vodka)
    The Gin Obsessed Box features:

  • Gin and Tonic (40% gin)
  • Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble (40% gin)
  • Elderflower Gin Spritz (40% gin)
  • Hibiscus Negroni (40% gin)
    There’s a limited edition Naughty Or Nice Box for 2019, with:

  • Amaretto Sour (40% whiskey)
  • Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble (40% gin)
  • Mandarin Spritz (40% vodka)
  • Mocha Espresso Martini (40% vodka)

    The magnificent-sounding French term, pate de fruits (pot-duh-froo-EE), describes what Eat Your Drink calls gummies.

    Pate de fruits translates as the rather frowsy-sounding fruit pastes. Jellies is better.

    But calling them jellies (as in jelly the bread spread) has its own challenges, although if you’re old enough to remember Chuckles candy, they are “jelly candies coated with a light layer of sugar.”

    Just like Eat Your Drink, minus the alcohol.

    Gummy candy has a different texture and a less-intense flavor than Eat Your Drink products (here’s the scoop on gummies).

    Like certain opera scores, some things should have in their original language. “Gummies” kills the poetry these fruit gems deserve.

    But, we’re just one food educator, trying to provide the bigger picture.


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