The Paleo Kid’s Halloween: 15 Spookily Delicious Halloween Candies

Product Description
“Looking For Gluten Free, Grain Free Delicious Paleo Halloween Treats That are Easy To Prepare and That Your Kids Will Love?”
An Allergy-free, Whole Foods Halloween Treat Book Designed by a Mom for Health Conscious and Food Sensitive Parents and Children.
Did you know that 5 commercially made ‘fun-size’ candy bars contain between nine and 11 teaspoons of sugar? Or that new and improved Smarties containing no artificial flavors or colors, use bug carcasses to make the pigment in their red smarties?
Terrifying isn’t a word used only to describe Halloween’s ghoulish fun, it is also a word some food sensitive families use to describe the treats given out during traditional Halloween celebrations.
Trying to find treats that don’t contain common allergens like soy, processed sugar, food dyes and gluten can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack – not to mention all the other nasties found in common treats.

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