Our favorite cake is probably the Mille Crêpe Cake from Lady M Confections, a cake boutique with six locations in Manhattan and more around the country.

We say probably, because if you put us in front of a cake buffet, the first thing we’d eat would be the Mille Crêpe Cake.

The name translates to “thousand crêpes cake,” although there are only 20 layers.

Other pâtisseries and recipes call it Gâteau de Crêpes, for “cake of crêpes.” Some recipes use 30 crêpes or more.

We call it Crêpe Cake for short.

This classic French cake requires no oven: It is composed of layers of paper-thin crêpes made on the stove top.

(American “cake cousins” include the 12-layer, oven-baked Smith Island Cake and Thousand Layer Cake (also called Twelve Layer Cake).)

Lady M’s Crêpe Cake is ethereal, light and lush, all at the same time. It’s like eating the food of the angels—a heavenly experience (not to disparage Angel Cake/Angel Food Cake, which is delightful without achieving heavenly heights).

Lady M’s Crêpe Cake became so popular, that it is made in every flavor one could wish:

  • Chocolate (photo #3)
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Citron
  • Coconut
  • Earl Grey
  • Green Tea (photo #1)
  • Marron (chestnut)
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pistachio
  • Red Bean
  • Salted Caramel
  • Signature (photo #2)
  • Strawberry
  • Tiramisu
    Although we have had six of the flavors flavors—and would gladly accept a gift of all of them—we keep returning to the original Signature as our favorite. It’s Crêpe Cake in its purest form.

    Lady M’s repertoire is not limited to Crêpe Cakes. There are layer cakes, mousse cakes and Gâteaux Nuage, or “cloud cakes,” light and dreamy cheesecakes.

    And, great news: They’re all sold online!


    [1] Lady M’s Green Tea Mille Crêpe Cake (all photos © Lady M).

    [2] Lady M’s Signature Mille Crêpe Cake. It’s the plainest-looking, but it’s our favorite flavor. The top is gently caramelized until golden.

    [3] Lady M’s Chocolate Mille Crêpe Cake, topped with chocolate curls.


    Lady M Mille Crêpe Cakes are available in 6″ ($ 55) and 9″ ($ 95) sizes. Order the big one: It may be more expensive, but you’ll be very happy if there are leftovers.

    Head to LadyM.com.


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