[1] Tanteo’s three expressions of tequila, each a different chile flavor (photo © Tanteo Tequila).

[2] Our favorite way to drink Tanteo is sipping (photo © J.C. Fotografo | Dreamstime.


Tanteo makes a very fine premium* blanco tequila, made with 100% Blue Weber agave.

But the stars of the show are their well-balanced, spicy, infused tequilas:

  • Tanteo Chipotle Tequila: Infused with roasted chipotle peppers from the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico, the flavor is smoky and spicy, with a hint of agave sweetness. We prefer this expression in a Bloody Maria.
  • Tanteo Habanero Tequila: The habanero chiles are sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula. This is the expression that will spice up a Margarita.
  • Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila: The locally sourced jalapeños provide a more moderate infusion. Make Jalapeño Margaritas!
    We were dazzled when we first tasted Tanteo Tequila. The infused flavors were different then, but they were the best infused tequilas in our experience.

    Made with 100% blue agave tequila, Tanteo uses all natural ingredients to infuse the tequila, and it’s a magical marriage.

    Most flavored tequilas use extracts to provide the flavor.

    Tanteo uses actual chiles:

  • They source fresh jalapeños, habaneros and locally roasted chipotles. Vine ripened and hand selected, each is carefully chosen at the optimal time for infusion.
  • The chile are hand-sliced and then macerated, to create to create different heat intensities.
  • The macerated chiles are infused into the tequila in small batches, using a proprietary infusion process.
    Tanteo is handmade and bottled in tiny batches, in the mountain town of Tequila, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. (By law, tequila can only be made in Jalisco.)

    These are sipping tequilas and cocktail tequilas: a Bloody Maria (Bloody Mary with tequila instead of vodka) is a must if you want a very spicy rendition.

    Tanteo has cocktail recipes for each flavor.

    You can use the tequilas at dinner, too. Pair them with main course dishes that have similar flavor profiles:

  • Add a bit to a sauce.
  • Serve a snifter or shot with the dish.
    Tanteo flavor-infused tequilas are a splendid addition to your bar and a gift that recipients will be talking about for a long time.

    Discover more at TanteoTequila.com...and check out:

    The Different Types Of Tequila

    The History Of Tequila

    *The company uses the term ultra-premium, other distillers use the term super-premium. Neither of these are official or legal designations, but marketing terminology. They typically indicate that the spirit has been distilled numerous times, to remove all impurities.


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