When we first tasted Mr. Black at a trade show, it was magnificent—but only available in Australia, where it was created.

Wholesale buyers liked it too, because now it’s widely available in the U.S.

If you drink other coffee liqueurs, you’ve got to try Mr. Black.

If you know a coffee drinker who’d enjoy sipping a rich, intense, coffee liqueur, treat them to a bottle of Mr. Black.

Mr. Black is a cold brew espresso liqueur, and in our experience, one of the best coffee liqueurs you can buy.

Each bottle is handmade at the company’s coffee roastery and distillery just north of Sydney, Australia (photo #2).

Mr. Black was developed to appeal to serious coffee aficionados. It emphasizes the purity of coffee flavor using a blend of beans from the best growing regions.

  • Ethiopian Djimmah is a specialty coffee with a light-medium roast bringing chocolate, toffee and fruit flavors to the blend.
  • Papua New Guinea beans add zesty citrus notes.
  • Brazilian Arabica, roasted two ways, brings, fresh cold brew notes.
    Next, the beans are roasted, ground and brewed.

  • The beans are ground with ceramic burrs.
  • The different ground beans are cold-brewed separately, into concentrate.
  • They are then blended to achieve a the best range of flavor and balance.
  • Brewing artisans fine-tune the water composition, temperature and time for each batch.
    The difference between something good and something great comes down to the details, says the company, and they are correct.

  • Straight up or on the rocks.
  • Made into cocktails (see the recipes), including a great Espresso Martini.
  • Added to hot or iced coffee.
  • Mixed into mousse or whipped cream.
  • Over ice cream or cheesecake.
  • In milkshakes or floats.
  • Mixed into chocolate sauce.
    You can find Mr. Black at stores nationwide and online. Here’s a store locator for both retail and e-tail.


    [1] Our favorite liqueur, rich and complex for serious coffee drinkers (photo © Mr. Black).

    [1] Our favorite liqueur, rich and complex for serious coffee drinkers (photo © Mr. Black).



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