[1] It’s easy to make: hot chocolate topped with a donut, plus garnish (photo © Adrianna Calvo | Pexels). [2] Pirouette cookies. These are the Pirouline brand; Pepperidge Farm sells Pirouettes, which are similar (photo © Pirouline | Facebook).   Is it breakfast? Dessert? A snack? This cup of hot chocolate is topped with a […]

Diets To Lose Weight

Forget the chips, forget the pretzels: Our favorite crunchy snack is Cheddies cheddar cheese crackers. Cheddies were a serendipitous food find. Last summer, we were at an enormous trade show—think the Disneyland of food, occupying an entire convention center. After tasting samples of every type of food for four hours straight, we could not eat […]

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