A few weeks ago we wrote about Bailey’s Red Velvet Irish Cream Liqueur in a product review.

We’ve grown so very fond of it that we’ve elevated it to a Top Pick Of The Week.

A special edition for Holiday 2019, chocolate lovers should not miss this one (photo #1).

Baileys Red Velvet Irish Cream liqueur has rich cocoa flavor that classic red velvet cake should have, but most rarely do (that’s our humble opinion).

It smells like cocoa, tastes like cocoa made with heavy cream, and for eye appeal, it’s a dusty rose color.

Sip it straight! This stuff is just too good to mix into cocktails, to bake into brownies or red velvet cake, or to swirl into cheesecake.

But you can:

  • Drizzle it over cheesecake and ice cream.
  • Add it to hot whole milk or half-and-half and drink it as “hot red velvet chocolate.”
  • Make a float, as in photo #1: Fill a small glass halfway with Baileys Red Velvet, add vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and top with whipped cream.
    We bought ourselves a few bottles to last through the year, and a few more bottles as holiday gifts.

    We hope you love it as much as we do!


    [1] Sip the pink elixir from a liqueur glass, or turn it into a mini ice cream float, shown here with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (photo © Diageo).

    [2] Have some as a chaser after a piece of red velvet cake. Here’s the recipe from McCormick (photo © McCormick).



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