Rosé is the best-selling wine in France, and has become one of the most popular wines in the U.S.

Some sources claim that rosé may be the oldest known type of wine, dating to around 600 B.C.E. The theory is that it has the most straightforward wine-making technique, leaving the crushed skins of red grapes in contact with the white juice for a short period.

Rosé wines are made from red grapes. The darker color of red wines comes from a longer period of skin contact with the pressed juice.

Rosé can be made from just about any red grape, and there are many styles of rose: drier, sweeter, lighter, fuller, pale in color, deep in color, still, sparkling.

And, there are many shades of rosé, based on the grapes used, the length of skin contact and other winemaking factors. Take a look at photos #1 and #2.

With its pink color span, rosé is also ideal for a Valentine’s Day tasting—which you have enough time to plan.

A chart of the different styles of rosé and their food pairings is below.

Put your party hat on, come up with a guest list, and plan to celebrate.

You can serve a full dinner, or a grazing buffet.

If guests ask what they can bring: chocolate or dessert.


Different Rose Wine Colors
[1] Have a rosé tasting for Valentine’s Day (photo © Good Eggs).

Shades Of Rose Wine
[2] The different shades of rosé wines depend on the types of grapes and length of skin contact (photo courtesy JotDot).

Styles Of Rose Wine
Chart courtesy Bottles Fine Wine.


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