[1] chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and chocolate chunks (all photos © Meli’s Monster Cookies | Bluehall Bakery).

[2] It takes just 12 minutes for warm cookies to emerge from your oven.

[3] You can make bar cookies with the dry mixes.

[4] Decorate a cake with crunchy cookies.


If you’re a cookie lover who eats gluten-free, Meli’s Monster Cookies are the only cookie you will ever need, says our GF expert, Georgi Page-Smith.

What I love about Meli’s Monster Cookies is their complete deliciousness, even as compared to other monster cookies I have loved.

There is nothing lacking:

  • You have oats and M&Ms for texture.
  • You have chocolate for decadence.
  • You have peanut butter for its unctuousness, and…
  • In Meli’s pre-baked, ready-to-thaw version, there is even a slightly crystallized texture intertwined with a salted finish, which extends the mouth experience for an extra second of pleasure.
    The only very finicky criticism I can offer of Meli’s pre-baked and freshly frozen varieties—ready to thaw and serve—is also textural. I prefer a bit more crunch around the edges of my cookies.

    But that is a personal preference and did not distract from my enjoyment one bit. What one loses in crunch one gains back in chewy.

    And you will find these cookies absorbing, especially if you skip ahead from the pre-baked frozen varieties and go directly to the mix.

    Meli’s Monster Cookies are sold ready-to-eat, or in cookie dry mix flavors.

    The cookies are high in protein: One cookie has 5g protein, plus 2g fiber.

    Meli’s Cookies: Ready To Eat Monster

    These cookies are fresh-frozen. Just thaw and eat!

  • Original Ready-To-Eat (dark chocolate chips and peanut butter M&Ms)
  • Choco-Lot Ready-To-Eat (dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, chocolate chunks)
    Meli’s Monster Cookies: Dry Mixes

    Mix butter, egg and peanut or almond butter into the mix, and in 12 minutes warm cookies emerge from the oven.

  • Original Ready-To-Eat (dark chocolate chips and peanut butter M&Ms)
  • Choco-Lot Ready-To-Eat (dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, chocolate chunks)
  • Cashewlicious (dark chocolate chips, finely ground macaroon coconut, dried cherries)
    The Original Mix that I baked offered me everything I wanted from: a bold peanut-butter flavor, plenty of oats to chew on, melting pillows of chocolate, and a crunchy crust.

    I was so satisfied that I did not need to make the Choco-lot or the Cashewlicious varieties—although I just may whip out my whisk.

    Meli’s Monster cookies are billed as “naturally gluten-free,” which aroused the skeptic in me, trained as I am to query every oat with strictness.

    I also found myself wondering if something so decadent and delicious could possibly be made without wheat.

    However, their packaging states that the cookies are not just “gluten-free,” but the oats are certified gluten-free.

    Their website further states, “We use certified gluten-free oats in all of Meli’s Monster Cookies. Additionally, we do intentional, routine and scheduled testing of our products for gluten contamination and fall well below the guidelines of the FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Rule.”

    With these assurances I was thereafter able to give myself over to the cookies.


    Part of the delight of a Monster Cookie does lie in it’s oat-y texture, It tricks you into thinking you are eating something healthy, then pleasantly surprises you with its parade of flavors.

    With Meli’s, the temptation to eat Monster Cookies for breakfast is especially strong. You will want to exercise restraint!

    I found that rolling half of the mix dough into a log and freezing it was the best way to pace myself, and I needed that.

    If you’re ready to become obsessed with one of the best and most complete cookies I have ever tasted (with or without gluten!), try Meli’s.

    Head to MelisCookies.com.

    — Georgi Page-Smith


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