[1] Lover’s Leap, a blend of superior black teas with rose and chamomile petals, is available in both loose tea and tea bags (both photos © Steven Smith Teamaker).

[2] Lover’s Leap Tea, nicely boxed.


Lover’s Leap Tea is a limited edition for Valentine’s Day, created by our favorite tea emporium, Steven Smith Teamaker.

It’s a mix of medium-bodied black teas, with pink rose petals and chamomile flowers (photo #1).

A delicate, fragrant marriage of high-grown Ceylon* tea from the Lover’s Leap tea estate, the flavors are complicated and delicious—just like love.

For dieters, love means only 2 calories per cup of tea.

The late Steve Smith crafted the blend himself. It is sold, handsomely packaged, in your choice of loose tea or tea bags.

Get your Lover’s Leap tea here, and see more of Steven Smith’s wonderful teas.

The most famous tea garden in the Sri Lankan district of Nuwara Eliya, the Lover’s Leap estate was named after star-crossed lovers who lived there long ago.

As legend has it, the two young lovers began a forbidden affair. Knowing that they could not be together, they leapt from the waterfall surrounding the estate to express their undying love.

Look at it this way: Lover’s Leap Tea means undying love.
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*The colonial name for Sri Lanka.



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