There’s a lot of Valentine chocolate out there. Where to begin?

Here are two of our favorites artisan chocolatiers, with wares just waiting for you to take a bite.

John and Kira’s boutique chocolate company launched in 2002; from the beginning it has generated raves for its artisan bonbons (photos #1 and #2).

The confections were featured on the cover of Gourmet Magazine’s Valentine’s Day issue in February, 2003.

And from there, the chocolates have found their way into the hands of fine chocolate lovers nationwide.

In fact, three different items have been named a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

  • The classic square bonbons are also fun shapes: bees, butterflies, hearts and ladybugs.
  • The stunning Spanish figs filled with a dark chocolate whiskey ganache and dipped in dark chocolate, are one of our all-time favorite confections.
    The company has used local and sustainable ingredients from the first. The boxes have always been the most beautiful in the business: beautiful paper on heavy stock that you’ll repurpose to hold other items.

    Take a look at John & Kira’s suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

    For an expenditure of $ 7.95, you can treat loved ones to the latest chocolate, ruby cacao (photo #3).

    An authentic cacao with a naturally pink color, it has tart berry flavors and is a unique chocolate experience. Here’s more about it.

    Charles Chocolates has transformed ruby into chocolate bars with three different garnishes:

  • Ruby Chocolate Strawberry Bar With Dried Strawberries
  • Ruby Chocolate Raspberry & Pistachio Bar
  • Ruby Chocolate Cocoa Nib Brittle Bar
    Charles Chocolates also makes a delightful confection we have recommended previously:

  • An edible chocolate box filled with chocolate hearts.
    For someone who not only wants a box of chocolates, but wants to eat the box, this is a memorable gift!

    Check out Charles’ Valentine’s Day confections.


    [1] John & Kira’s Chocolate Hearts, available in 9 or 18 pieces, with 9 different ganache flavors. Get them here (photos #1 and #2 © John & Kira’s).

    [2] Bonbons deluxe: John & Kira’s Palette du Chocolat, in 24 or 50 pieces. Get them here.

    [3] Ruby cacao bars from Charles Chocolates, available with three different garnishes. Get them here (photo © Charles Chocolates).



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