[1] An ideal small Valentine gift: a can of rosé wine (both photos © Bonterra Vineyards).

[2] Think Pink!* on Valentine’s Day.


Like many people, we have always given chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the conventional choice, along with red roses.

This year we’re going pink, with gifts of rosé wine.

Some friends and family will get a standard 750ml bottle of rose (photo #2).

But for the “little gifts,” we’re giving everyone (adults, of course) a 250 ml can of rosé from Bonterra (photo #1), tied with a red ribbon.

The can design, flowers on a pink background, is perfect for the occasion.

The Bonterra style is dry rosé, ideal for an apéritif and a versatile wine for pairing with food.

Rosé pairs with the same foods as pinot grigio: salads, lighter pasta and rice dishes, softer cheese like burrata and goat cheese, and especially seafood: raw, grilled and other preparations.

The wine, from California, is made with organic grapes.

A four-pack is $ 17.99, which amounts to $ 6 per can—less money than a typical solid chocolate heart from the drugstore.

You can buy it online or at stores nationwide.

For those who care about sustainability, Bonterra vineyards have been farmed organically since 1987—long before organic products were widely available in the U.S.

The name means “good earth.”

The company is committed to organic farming and regenerative practices that enrich the biodiversity in their vineyards.

Here’s more about Bonterra.


*The phrase “Think pink!” was originated by Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1937. She introduced a collection in hot pink, which she called shocking pink—a color rarely seen before then. Here’s more about it.

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