We are big fans of the turkey products from Diestel Family Ranch, a premier breeder of whole turkeys and other turkey treats. There are:

  • Conventional whole turkeys plus Non-GMO and organic options.
  • Boneless turkey breast that’s 100% breast, no patched-up pieces.
  • Turkey burgers, chorizo, franks, ground turkey and sandwich slices including turkey pastrami, sausage.
    Why are Diestel products better?

    The company is committed to raising the leanest, cleanest, most delicious birds that money can buy. The meat is succulent and tender.

    There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives, no hormones, antibiotics, or growth stimulants.

    Everything is produced according to strict animal welfare and environmental standards. The birds are raised in generous spaces where they can roam (photo #5).

    And for 70 years, this has been a family business—now in the fourth generation. Great people, great products.

    One of America’s favorite comfort foods is now on the menu: one-pound turkey meatloaf, ready to heat and eat.

    They let you put dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less.

    There are two varieties:

  • Traditional Sous Vide Turkey Meatloaf: Moist and tender, and great for meatloaf sandwiches (more information).
  • Florentine Sous Vide Turkey Meatloaf: Even more flavorful, this loaf contains spinach, feta, garlic and black pepper (more information).
    Both fully cooked loaves are made from premium coarse-ground turkey, and have a sweet tomato glaze.

    SRP is $ 13.95 for a 16-ounce meatloaf.

    Sous vide (soo VEED, meaning “under vacuum”) is a French cooking technique, used in professional kitchens for some time but now becoming more popular in American kitchens.

    It is used by the greatest chefs to assure consistency in turning out fine meals. Portions are prepared in individual, sealed plastic bags that are cooked in a water bath.

    This ensures perfectly cooked meat, tender and moist. Here’s more about it.

    We like roast turkey more often than Thanksgiving or or Christmas dinners.

    While we don’t need a whole turkey, Diestel’s Holiday Turkey is always a treat.

    It’s available year-round: a cook-in-bag boneless turkey breast that comes brined, seasoned and ready to roast.

    And it’s soooo good.

    So don’t wait until the holidays: Cook one now!

    Visit the company website, DiestelTurkey.com.

    See the family and the turkeys for yourself.

    The products are available at retailers nationwide, but you can also order them on the website.


    [1] Diestel Traditional Turkey Meatloaf (all photos © Diestel).

    [2] The package to look for.

    [3] Diestel Florentine Meatloaf.

    [4] The package to look for.

    [5] Diestel turkeys, enjoying their day.



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