Looking for an activity for yourself or for kids?

Like goat cheese?

You’re in luck. Belle Chevre, award-winning cheesemakers and one of our favorites, has added DIY cheese kits to their line of fresh goat cheeses.

The kits have everything you need to make a log of goat cheese or a bowl of fromage blanc.

While not all cheese is easy to make—you need an aging room, for example—fresh cheeses can be made at home.

There are two kits: Original and Kids, each just $ 12.00.

It’s so easy (and fun!) to make your own goat cheese at home.

The cheesemaking kit has everything you need to make goat cheese in your own kitchen.

In just a few hours, and with only about ten minutes of active kitchen time, you will be rolling your own chevre logs or mixing a bowl of freshy-fresh fromage blanc.

Once you start making it, you may just want to expand your repertoire to other fresh cheeses. In fact, Here’s a recipe to make fromage blanc at home.

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[1] Belle Chevre’s goat cheese-making kit (all photos © Belle Chevre).

[2] You can make one goat cheese log.

[3] Or, you can make a bowl of fromage blanc.



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