July is National Watermelon Month.

Do you like watermelon? We do, and we have a passion for watermelon juice.

We “squeeze” our own in a blender or food processor, because bottled brands can’t come near to the vibrant flavor of fresh-squeezed watermelon juice.

You can feel good about each refreshing glass:

  • Watermelon is low in calories: just 45 calories per cup.
  • antioxidant that may help reduce the risk of certain types of cancers (breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancers) and cardiovascular disease. Lycopene may also prevent macular degeneration, the most common form of age-related blindness.
  • Watermelon has 40% more lycopene than an equal amount of raw tomatoes.
    We use this couldn’t-be-simpler recipe from the Watermelon Promotion Board. The amount of juice you get will vary depending on the size of the watermelon.

  • Anticipate a bit more than 1 cup of juice per pound of watermelon; or 1/2 cup juice per cup of watermelon cubes.
  • If you’re not sure you want a lot of juice, buy a large cut piece (e.g. 1/4 large melon) and start there.


  • 1 watermelon or portion, washed and cut into chunks
  • Optional garnishes: cucumber wheel, fresh watermelon cube, lemon or lime wedge or wheel*, mint leaves, strawberry

    1. BLEND 2-3 cups watermelon at a time until smooth.

    2. STRAIN into glasses or a serving pitcher. Garnish as desired.


  • Make light and healthy watermelon ice pops.
  • Add a scoop of sorbet to a glass of juice for a sorbet float.
  • Pour a mixture of watermelon juice and and lime zest into your ice cream maker to create an invigorating and slushy sorbet.

  • MIX it with lemonade or make agua fresca (here’s watermelon mint lemonade).
  • ADD some to green or herbal iced tea.
  • FREEZE the juice in an ice cube tray to make frozen cocktails or slushies.
  • MAKE cocktails: Watermelon Margarita or Mojito, Watermelon Martini, Watermelon Cucumber Cooler.
    Lunch & Dinner

  • STIR a small amount into gazpacho (or make watermelon gazpacho).
  • VINAIGRETTE. Watermelon is related to the cucumber, and it works well in dishes with its equally seedy cousin. A light salad of cucumbers, mangoes and chopped parsley came together gracefully when tossed with a light coating of watermelon juice and rice wine vinegar (you can add olive oil, but it isn’t necessary).
  • SAUCE: Watermelon juice pairs well with fish and seafood. Use it as the base for a sauce in dishes that call for crab, shrimp, lobster or scallops. Contrast the sweetness with a bit of chopped jalapeño (remove the seeds and ribs).
    > Watermelon History

    *Use a wedge if you want to squeeze the juice into the drink. Wheels are more decorative and get juice on your fingers if you squeeze them.


    [1] Fresh-squeezed watermelon juice (photo © National Watermelon Promotion Board).

    [2] To get the clearest juice, strain twice through a fine strainer. Here, the juice is topped off with soda water (photo © Hyhoon | Dreamstime).

    [3] Add watermelon juice to a pitcher of green tea. Here’s the recipe (photo © National Watermelon Promotion Board).

    [4] A Watermelon Cosmopolitan. Here’s the recipe (photo © National Watermelon Promotion Board).



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