[1] Just add tea leaves to sparkling water. It couldn’t be easier (photo © In Pursuit Of Tea).

[2] A wonderful book for a tea lover. Find it on Amazon.


Our last recipe was for summer cocktails, but if you prefer a mocktail, try this sparkling tea recipe.

The cold-brew tea recipe came to us from the artisan tea purveyors at In Pursuit Of Tea.

They got the idea from Timothy d’Offay of Postcard Teas, London’s finest tea store and a must-visit for tea lovers.

Tim published the recipe in his book, Easy Leaf Tea: Tea House Recipes to Make at Home (photo #2).

If you like this sparkling tea, get the book to check out Tim’s other drink recipes.

In Pursuit Of Tea says, “With good tea and good bubbles, you get a surprisingly complex, almost beer- or champagne-like drink.

“It tastes refreshing and sophisticated, like something you’d pay [a lot] for at a nice restaurant—except you made it at home for the price of a Pellegrino (or a Gerolsteiner, if you want to get crazy).

“Choose a bright, aromatic tea. [We used] a spring Darjeeling 1st Flush harvest from the Jungpana Estate, one of our favorites, though a snappy green or silky white [tea] would also be delightful.”

Bonus: zero calories!


  • 1-liter bottle sparkling water
  • 2 heaping tablespoons (10 grams) good tea leaves

    1. OPEN the bottle of mineral water, pour out a bit (or drink it from the bottle) to free up some space for blending in the tea.

    2. USE a funnel to add the tea leaves to the bottle. Reseal tightly and gently turn upside down oncey, to mix.

    3. CHILL in the fridge for 4 hours. Strain and serve in wine glasses.
    > Tea Glossary: Tea Terminology & The Different Types Of Tea

    > The History Of Tea



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