[1] Party Perfect cheese selection (all photos © Mozzarella Company).

[2] The Thanksgiving Special.

[3] Holiday Spreadables.

[4] A close-up of the Mascarpone Torta. You can buy them individually, in four flavors.


For your favorite turophile (cheese lover), how about a selection of artisan cheeses from one of America’s great cheesemakers, Paula Lambert, founder of Mozzarella Company in Dallas.

She makes much more than mozzarella, as you’ll see from her website.

Paula chose these cheeses for the holidays, for holiday celebrations and gifting.

Perfect for a party, a selection of fresh and aged cheeses, sure to please everyone (photo #1).

  • Ancho Chile Caciotta, a Texas version of Monterey Jack. Flavored with mild, smokey ancho chile, it becomes smoother and creamier as it ages.
  • Mascarpone Torta, elegantly layered with sun-dried tomato and basil pesto.
  • Hoja Santa Goat Cheese, a fresh goat cheese rounds wrapped with fragrant hoja santa leaves (they have a distinctive herbal flavor of sassafras and mint), tied with raffia.
  • Mozzarella Roll, fresh mozzarella prepared jelly-roll style, filled with chopped olives.
    Here’s more detail.

    A.K.A. Turophile’s Delight, this selection of three cheeses is a sophisticated nibble with cocktails or a delicious cheese course after the main meal. We love the festive colors of the Mascarpone Torta alone waves the colors of the season (photos #1, #2 and #4).

  • Hoja Santa Goat Cheese, fresh goat cheese round wrapped with fragrant hoja santa leaves (with a distinctive herbal flavor of sassafras and mint) tied with raffia.
  • Blanca Bianca, a soft textured raw milk cheese with a pungent edible rind that is bathed daily with white wine during its maturing period.
  • Mascarpone Torta, elegantly layered with sun-dried tomatoes and basil pesto.
  • Mini Toasts.
    Here’s more detail.

    These homemade spreadable dips are perfect for parties, gatherings and impromptu guests (photo #3). They’re also great to keep for your own snacking, with your favorite crudites, crackers or breadsticks.

    Each rich dip is a contrast in flavor:

  • Crescenza, delicate and smooth with a gently tart flavor, blended with roasted garlic and fresh chives.
  • Dolce Habanero, blended with sweet apricots and hot habaneros.
  • Goat Cheese, laced with fresh tarragon, thyme and basil.
    Here’s more detail.



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