[1] An outstanding EVOO in an exquisite bottle (photos #1 and #2 © Oliviers & Co).

[2] The bottle arrives in a gift box, ready to bestow upon a lucky person. It includes a pouring spout.

[3] Green olives, freshly harvested and washed, ready to crush into oil (photos #3 and #4 © Sabatino Leone, whose olives are crushed into this oil).

[4] Enjoy the oil straight on bread, greens or grains.


For the holiday season, treat yourself or a foodie friend to this special bottling of extra-virgin Christmas olive oil from Oliviers & Co (photos #1 and #2).

It’s called “Christmas” olive oil because it’s an exceptional oil bottled only once a year, in a limited edition.

This superb Italian Grand Cru olive oil is packaged in an exquisite bottle dressed with gold, that’s a “keeper” in of itself. The design features the branches of a tree of life.

You can keep it as kitchen decor, or refill it with other olive oil to brighten up the table all year round.

What’s inside that’s just as memorable.

  • Grand Cru. This grand cru olive oil is made with the very best handpicked Italian olives. “Grand cru” means that it is the most superior grade, made with olives from a superior orchard.
  • Monovarietal. “Monovarietal” means that all the olives come from the same orchard.
  • Age. The orchard is planted with olive trees that are more than 200 years old (the symbol of Puglia is the olive tree). The older the trees, the more complex the flavor of the olives. These olives are crushed on harvest day to preserve their superior aromas and flavors.
  • Cultivar. The oil is 100% ogliarola, an olive cultivar [variety], grown on the estate of Sabatino Leone in the commune of Canosa di Puglia. (photo #3)
  • Flavor. The aroma and flavor are exceptional. The oil is fresh and intense with notes of cut grass and green apple, with hints of pear juice and fresh almond.
    As with wine grapes, terroir* is destiny for olives. The Sabatino Leone estate benefits from the Mediterranean climate and an exceptional piece of land. These give the oil unique aromatic notes that are appreciated by all lovers of fine olive oils.
    In its beautiful bottle and gift box, this is an impeccable gift for a fine food lover.

    Enjoy it on bread, carpaccio, cooked vegetables, goat cheese, greens, grilled shrimp and scallops…and straight from the spoon†.

    Discover more fine products at OliviersAndCo.com.

    For 25 years, Oliviers & Co has offered specialty foods from the finest groves in the Mediterranean: olive oils, vinegars and more.

    Bottled in France’s Haute-Provence, behind each bottle are strict guidelines of selection, quality and traceability.

    Oliviers means “olive trees” (single olivier, from the Latin oliva, olive).

    While most people think of piquant olives as a vegetable, olives are fruits—the fruits of the olive tree, like apples are the fruits of the apple tree.

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    *Terroir, pronounced tur-WAH, is a French agricultural term referring to the unique set of environmental factors in a specific habitat that affect a crop’s qualities. It includes climate, elevation, proximity to a body of water, slant of the land, soil type and amount of sun. These environmental characteristics gives a fruit or vegetable its unique character.

    †The FDA recommends two tablespoons of olive oil per day for heart-healthy benefits. There are many ways to incorporate olive oil into your diet. We try to have it at lunch in a salad, but we have it on toast for breakfast, and mix it into Greek yogurt, too. A fine EVOO is a delicious condiment!


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