[1] We The People Glasses gift set at Knackshops (photo © Knackshops).

[2] If you want a single glass or glasses, head to the New York Historical Society (photo © New York Historical Society).

[3] Bundle the glasses with a bottle of spirits. This is a top expression of Glenfiddich in a Baccarat bottle, but a standard bottle of anything will do (photo © Scotch Whisky).


Toast to freedom with a Constitution Rocks Glass (photos #1 and #2).

It showcases an authentic reproduction of the Preamble to the Constitution Of The United States: We the people.

It’s a novel gift for whiskey lovers, lawyers, law students, U.S. history buffs, patriots and proud Americans everywhere.

The deluxe boxed gift set (photo #1) includes:

  • 4 11-ounce rocks glasses etched with the Preamble to the Constitution.
  • 4 wool felt star-shape coasters.
  • A miniature book of the entire Constitution bound in fine leather, with gold gilding.
    Get the gift set from Knackshops.

    To purchase a single glass or multiple single glasses, gift boxed, head to The New York Historical Society Shop.

    Here are variations of the glass with the Declaration of Independence, including a We The People beer glass.

    Option: Add a bottle.

    For an even more welcome gift, add a bottle of the recipient’s favorite spirit (it doesn’t have to be as high-tone as photo #3)!

    A rocks glass, also known as an old fashioned glass and a lowball glass, is a short tumbler used for serving spirits, neat or with ice cubes (on the rocks).

  • Old Fashioned Glass. It has long been used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it got its name.
  • Over Ice. The glass is also used to serve spirits that are poured over ice; hence, that name.
  • Lowball. It is been called a lowball to differentiate it from the highball glass, which is 8 to 12 ounces and often referred to as a Collins glass because (you guessed it!) it is used to serve a Tom Collins.
  • Collins Glass. While most people wouldn’t notice, a Collins glass is slightly taller, and usually a couple of ounces larger than a highball due to the additional height.
  • Why “Ball?” The word “ball” for both glasses came from having fun while drinking whiskey, i.e. having a ball (source).
    Rocks glasses typically have a wide brim and a thick base, so that the non-liquid ingredients of a cocktail can be mashed using a muddler before the main liquid ingredients are added.

    Old fashioned glasses usually contain 6–10 US fl oz (180–300 ml). A double old fashioned glass (sometimes referred to by retailers as a DOF glass) contains 12–16 US fl oz (350–470 ml).

    Bottoms up!

    (Here’s the story behind the creation of the term.)



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