[1] The electric blue color will surprise guests, but after a taste, they’ll be delighted (all photos © Amour Geneve).

[2] The wine is at home at the beach or a special event.

[3] Need a gift for a wine drinker? Here it is!

[4] Prepare for July 4th celebrations with a flight of red, white, and blue: rosé, white and Amour Geneve wines.


A blue wine?

Amour Genève, the world’s first naturally blue wine was created under the direction of company CEO Coviello Salinès (an American).

It is an homage to his late father, who loved the color blue.

If you’re looking for a novel gift for a wine lover—or want to surprise your family and guests—this might be it!

The wine is 70% Verdejo, a white wine grape, and 30% Nebbiolo, a red wine grape.

Natural pigment was extracted from the Nebbiolo grape. Then the pH was balanced to allow the natural blue extract to stabilize.

The pigment extract was introduced to the fermenting Verdejo; hence, a white wine colored blue.

The wine matures throughout a natural fermentation and aging cycle, and fully satisfies all requirements of the FDA, TTB* and EU.

There are patents on the process and formula.

Truth to tell, we haven’t tasted it. We saw it while dining alone at a restaurant where it was only sold by the bottle, and the restaurant couldn’t sell us a bottle to take home.

But we did some easy research. Here are tasting notes from the producer:

  • Aromatics: Fruit forward with a mild citrus nose.
  • Body: Light body, crisp and refreshing.
  • Palate: Notes of white peach, grapefruit and other citrus with a subtle minerality.
  • Finish: Smooth.
    And customers who left feedback on the website wanted more! For example:

  • “I had brought a bottle of Amour Genève to my family gathering this Thanksgiving and…they did not even save me a glass. So I had to order [two more bottles] for myself…. Long story short, this wine is great and goes fast…”
  • “The product is remarkably delicious and so much fun to share with people…”
  • “This wine is some delicious and a great conversation piece when I bring it to family and friends…Once [they] taste the wine, they will invite you back.”

  • Charcuterie, Cheese & Fruit Plates
  • Chicken
  • Fish & Shellfish
  • Salads

    Head to AmourBluForever.com.

  • A standard 750ml bottle is $ 20.
  • A 50ml stocking stuffer/party favor is $ 3.

    *We had no idea what “TTB” stood for, so we looked it up. It’s America’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.



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