When you sang “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve, did you recall that it was first a poem by Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland (1759-1796)?

His birthday, January 25th, is celebrated in Scotland as Burns Night.

Family and friends gather for an evening of good food and company. It’s a warm and happy event much like our Thanksgiving. A traditional Burns’ Supper is served.

Here’s a Burns Night dinner menu.

But dinner or not, we never pass up this once-a-year opportunity to have a box of whisky-infused chocolates from the prominent artisan chocolatier Larry Burdick.

Why do the Scottish spell it “whisky” and the Irish spell it “whiskey?”

Here’s the scoop.

Call them chocolates, bonbons or truffles, this Scotch-infused assortment (photo #1) is available for just a few weeks each January.

This year, the dates are from January 4th through January 29th.

The eagerly-awaited, limited-edition collection of handcrafted bonbons is filled with whisky-infused chocolate ganache.

Some of the finest single-malt Scotch whiskies are used: Glenfarclas, Highland Park, Lagavulin, Macallan, Springbank and Talisker.

The chocolates are available in both half-pound and one-pound boxes.

Burdick’s signature dark chocolate is infused with fine single-malt Scotch whisky and rolled into gourmet chocolate cigars.

A box of six (photo #2) has three each of cigars made with 10-year-old Laphroaig and 12-year-old Old Pulteney.

You can buy the box, or individual Laphroaig cigars (photo #3).

  • Gingerbread Men In Kilts
  • Robert Burns Poems
  • Scotch & Chocolate Tasting
  • Scotch Whisky Tasting
    You don’t have to be Scottish to celebrate Burns Night.

    All lovers of food adventures are welcome!


    [1] A half-pound box of Scotch Whisky Chocolate Assortment. A one-pound box is also available (all photos © Burdick Chocolate).

    [2] Cigars for the chocolate connoisseur are made in two varieties: Laphroaig and Old Pulteney

    [3] Individual chocolate whisky cigars in cigar-type tubes are made with Laphroaig single malt whisky.



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