Ask someone what they like to put on their baked potato.

You’ll get a variety of answers, including any and all of these:

  • Bacon
  • Butter
  • Chives or scallions
  • Crumbled/grated cheddar or other cheese
  • Sour cream
    We have a longer list here.

    We’ve also written about sweet potato toppings, and how they can turn a simple potato into a dazzling main or side.

    But today, we discovered a new topping:

    Belle Chevre cream cheese is one of our favorite products.

    It’s a line of four sweet-and-tangy spreadable cheeses in fab flavors:

  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Fig
  • Honey
  • Original
    Here’s our full review.

    Each of the flavors is splendid: perfect for spreading on your bagel, toast, muffin, crispbread and any place you’d spread cream cheese.

    Truth to tell, we can eat an entire container as a snack or “cheese course.”

    But thanks to a suggestion from Belle Chevre, we have a new use for it: sweet potato topping.

    The Cinnamon, Fig and Honey flavors beautifully complement the sweetness of the potato.

    You can buy them online from Belle Chevre.

    If you need a quick hack, buy whipped cream cheese and flavor it to taste with cinnamon sugar or honey.

    Remember that less is more.


    [1] Load your baked sweet potato with Belle Chevre goat cream cheese in Cinnamon, Fig or Honey (photos #1 and #2 © Fromagerie Belle Chevre).

    [2] One of five flavors of Belle Chevre cream cheese. Each of them might do well in a baked sweet potato.

    [3] Six ways to top sweet potatoes. Check ‘em out (photo © North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission).



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