[1] Mix the batter and scoop it onto the griddle (photos © Krusteaz).

[2] Krusteaz makes blueberry pancake mixes in regular and protein versions.


January 28th is National Blueberry Pancakes Day.

Blueberries are out of season, so this is another one of those food holidays that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Hey, blueberry people: you should have scheduled this for June, July or August.

Still, all is not lost:

Here are fresh blueberry substitutes to make blueberry pancakes until the fresh domestic berries return.

Today’s second tip is how to make nice, round pancakes.

Some people buy special pancake batter dispensers.

But why find room for another gadget, when you can use your ice cream scoop.

Just scoop up the batter and plop it on the griddle.

Thanks to Krusteaz, makers of premium pancake mixes, for the tip.

Check out their Blueberry Pancake Mix.

Krusteaz also makes a whole-grain blueberry pancake mix with 14g of protein per serving.



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