[1] H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer comes in 4-packs and 12-packs. Above, the Rosé variety (all photos © H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer).

[2] Sparkling water with the essence of Pinot Noir.

[3] Sparkling water with the essence of Sauvignon Blanc.

[4] Sparkling water with the essence of Sauvignon Blanc.

[5] Pinot Noir grapes used to make the de-alcoholized wine for H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer.

[6] Sauvignon Blanc grapes used to make the de-alcoholized wine for H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer.


This week’s Top Pick hails from Sonoma County, using the County’s famous wines.

But it’s not a bottle of wine, and it has 0% alcohol.

H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer is the world’s first wine-infused, non-alcoholic sparkling water.

It’s called “soft” seltzer to differentiate it from hard seltzer, which contains alcohol.

It’s an all natural, great-tasting, premium beverage that may just launch a new category of 0% alcohol drinks that still provide the flavor of alcohol.

H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer combines the refreshment of sparkling water with flavor of fine California wines.

The company calls it “what to drink when you’re not drinking,” and it’s perfect for:

  • People who don’t drink alcohol.
  • People who don’t want to at the moment.
  • People who’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and want to take a break.
    H20 Sonoma Soft Seltzer is also a great chaser, that helps to re-hydrate you after alcohol consumption*.

    It’s pure water infused with the juice of 100% California varietal wine grapes, premium de-alcoholized† wine and natural flavor extracts.

    And the varieties?

    Delicious! They’re as wine-like as a glass of sparkling water can be!

    There will be eight varietals. Three are in the market now (photos #1, #2, #3, #4), and five will join them later this year.

    Available now:

  • Pinot Noir
  • Rosé
  • Sauvignon Blanc
    Available soon:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Merlot
  • Moscato
  • Zinfandel
    We couldn’t be more pleased with this thirst-quenching, hydrating line.

    It’s the best of both beverages—sparkling water and wine—with just only 30-60 calories per 16-ounce can (depending on the varietal).

    (The cans are recyclable, of course.)

    A bonus: H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer was created with holistic health, well-being and conscious consumption in mind.

  • The beverages contain antioxidant vitamins C and B12, plus electrolytes, potassium and calcium.
  • There are no detectable sulfites, no gluten, no artificial flavors, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners.
  • The water is drawn from an ancient, pristine aquifer on the grounds of the winery.
  • It’s a healthy alternative (and companion) to wine, beer and cocktails.
  • You can take the cans anywhere, including places where alcohol isn’t permitted.

    The line was created by award-winning Sonoma County winemaker Robert Rex of Deerfield Ranch Winery.

    As he poured thousands of samples of his wines at Whole Foods Market over the years, he heard many customers express their desire for a wine-related, non-alcohol refreshment that they could drink anytime, anywhere.

    After much study, Rex was able to port the subtle flavor essences from his favorite wine grape varietals into a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

    The result has been enthusiastically received by wine lovers and non-drinkers nationwide.

    The first bottling of H2O Sonoma Soft Seltzer immediately sold out!
    *Alcohol is a diuretic. It causes your body to remove fluids from your blood through your renal system (the kidneys, ureters and bladder) at a much quicker rate than other liquids. If you don’t drink enough water with alcohol, you can become dehydrated quickly [source].

    “De-alcoholized wine” refers to wine that has had the alcohol removed. By comparison, “non-alcoholic wine” can sometimes just be grape juice dressed up as wine.



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