Even if you haven’t planned a special Valentine’s Day dessert, there’s still time to make one.

  • A brownie recipe (a boxed mix is fine)
  • Ice cream (ideally a rectangular container)
  • Optional: sprinkles, mini chips, crushed peppermint, etc.

  • A heart-shaped cookie cutter

    1. SPREAD the brownie mix on a rectangular sheet pan so thin brownies will result. Line the sheet with parchment paper so you can cut out the hearts without scratching the pan. You’ll need two pieces for each sandwich.

    2. COOL and cut the brownies. Remove the hearts and place on a sheet of wax paper on the counter. Place the leftover bits and pieces in a freezer container for later consumption*.

    3. SLICE through the container of ice cream with a serrated bread knife. Make the slices the width you want for the sandwich. Working quickly, slice the ice cream into hearts, place them on a wax paper or parchment-lined sheet and place them in the freezer. As with the brownie scraps, place the ice cream scraps into a freezer container for later consumption.

    4. ASSEMBLE one or two sandwiches at a time and place them in the freezer, wrapped in plastic.

    *You can make brownie ice cream by mixing them into a softened container of ice cream.


    [1] All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter (photo © Alden’s Organic Ice Cream).

    Heart Cookie Cutter
    [2] If you prefer, you can make cookies instead of brownies (photo courtesy SXC.



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