Green beer has a reputation as cheap stuff, served in pitchers.

After all, why color a good beer green?

Well: Green food color is flavorless and odorless.

So you can color any beer—even fine craft brews—if you want to.

For some St. Patrick’s Day fun, that’s just what we’re going to have with, with our “corned beef and cabbage” lunch:

A corned beef sandwich and a side of coleslaw.

You’ll get the brightest green color with the palest (lightest color) beer:

Pale Ale, Pilsner or other Pale Lager, and especially, Wheat Beer (photo #2).

  • For 12 ounces of beer, use 5 to 6 drops green food color.
  • Place the food color in a glass. Then add the beer and stir very gently until evenly tinted.
    How about chips and dip to go with the beer?

    Here’s a green ranch dip recipe.

    Serve it with potato chips, pretzels, even fries.


    [1] Pale beer + green food color = green beer (photo © Jill Wellington | Pixabay).

    [2] How light can beer get? This is Belgian White from Allagash (made deliberately hazy—photo © Burg | NJ).



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