[1] New from Candy Pop: popcorn with peanut M&Ms (photo © Snack Pop

[2] Lovers of Peanut M&Ms: This popcorn mix is for you (photo © Viktor Hanacek | PicJumbo).



We admit to a fondness for Candy Pop and Cookie Pop popcorn treats: sweetly drizzled popcorn with favorite candy and cookie flavors.

Here’s our original review of the line.

Instead of creating our own “movie mix” with popcorn and candy, we now buy it by the bag.

The latest flavor is Candy Pop Popcorn made with Peanut M&M’S® (photo #1).

Need we say more than…yippee?

Candy Pop Popcorn Made With M&Ms Peanut M&Ms!© joins the line’s other flavors:

Candy Flavors: Butterfinger Candy Pop, Snickers Candy Pop, Candy Pop made with TWIX® candy, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS® candy and Candy Pop made with M&M’S® Minis.

Cookie Flavors: Chips Ahoy! Cookie Pop, Oreo Cookie Pop.

Each flavor is only 150 calories per serving, is low sodium, non-GMO and OU Kosher (Dairy).

As part of the brands ongoing “Snackgiving” initiative, a portion of proceeds from all sales of Snack Pop varieties will benefit The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which supports programs in childrens’ hospitaks.

The 20-ounce club size bag is available at Sam’s Clubs nationwide for $ 5.98.

To find your nearest retailer, visit Snackpop.com.

You can also order online from the site.



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