Mid-Day Squares are functional chocolate bars, part of a growing movement towards functional foods.

Functional foods and beverages are everyday foods enhanced (fortified) with supplemental nutrition. The goal is to provide a health benefit beyond normal satiation and nutrition.

Here’s more about functional foods.

The Mid-Day Squares line was conceived by Lezlie Karls, a chocolate lover who also loved living a clean lifestyle.

She searched for “a little something something to get me through the day,” and couldn’t find it in the chocolate category.

Along with her husband and brother, she set to work creating it herself. The goal:

  • To satisfy afternoon cravings for chocolate.
  • To deliver an extra energy boost to ward off that afternoon crash.
    “It’s everything a chocolate bar isn’t, and everything a protein bar wishes it were,” says Lezlie.

    Mid-Day Squares are squares of real chocolate, nutritionally enhanced to add superfood nutrition while taking care of your sweet tooth.

    The ingredients provide sustained energy to get you beyond the afternoon slump; to stop mid-day hunger and cravings.

    Each square is vegan and packed with clean plant protein, real chocolate and superfoods.

    A lot of research went in to sourcing cutting edge sweeteners and proteins, to deliver every promise.

    Antioxidant flavanols in the ingredients help the body release endorphins—the compounds that make you feel so good after a long run.

    The squares are delicious, naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, maple syrup and yacon syrup. There is no sugar crash.

    The added nutrition in these functional foods includes:

  • Protein: brown rice powder, maca powder (an energy booster with added health benefits), pumpkin seeds and sacha inchi (a complete plant-based protein).
  • More protein: Depending on the flavor, there are almonds,hazelnuts, peanuts and sesame seeds.
  • Fiber: Dates and nuts.
    While this sounds like “health food”—and it is—the squares are so much more satisfying than a chocolate bar.

    Each bite tastes “good for you!” in the best of ways. A chocolate lover with a demanding palate will appreciate them.

    And if you haven’t heard of some of the ingredients, check them out to see what they deliver.

  • Almond Fudge: A base of chopped almonds in chocolate has a solid chocolate layer on top.
  • Busta Peanut: The base of ground peanuts under a chocolate top is a better peanut butter cup experience.
  • Fudge Yah: This vegan fudge is 90% chocolate—an intense chocolate experience.

    Head to the company website, MidDaySquares.com,


    [1] Open a packet and remove a square (all photos © Mid-Day Squares).

    [2] A tray of Busta Peanut, coming off the line.

    [3] Fudge Yah delivers intense chocolate flavor, with 90% cacao content.

    [4] Buy them in single- or mixed-flavor boxes at MidDaySquares.com.



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