With summer grilling on the mind, how about a beer-based barbecue sauce?

Rufus Teague has just launched them.

The company sells a high-end line of eight craft barbecue sauces, including two that are sugar-free and Keto friendly.

(The company uses the BBQ spelling; The Nibble uses barbecue.)

Now there are three more to add to the family:

Rufus Teague has introduced the world’s first BBQ sauces made with beer and sold in an actual beer can!

The beers are from the acclaimed Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri.

You may find other barbecue sauces made with beer; but Rufus Teague’s Can-O-Que sauces are packaged in an actual beer can.

The sauces are not only delicious: They’re fun!

There are three Can-O-Que sauces, made with different styles of beer. The sauces comprise 25% beer.

The sauces are named after Boulevard’s beers:

  • Tank 7 BBQ Sauce: Made with an American farmhouse ale (a.k.a. saison), Tank 7 has a sweet, herbal taste of cloves and a distinctive peppery punch.
  • Space Camper IPA BBQ Sauce: The the spiciest of the three (but not truly hot). The base is sweet and fruity; the spicy boldness accentuates IPA’s inherent hoppy kick.
  • Unfiltered Wheat BBQ Sauce: The mildest of the three sauces, with a good depth of sweet flavor, a bit of earthiness and a hint of citrus zest. It was recently awarded the American Royal’s 2nd best Specialty BBQ Sauce on the Planet.
    The varieties are sold individually or in a variety pack.

    They’re perfect for gifting, tailgating, or “simply making your dinner table look cool,” says Rufus Teague.

    Each can has a snap-on re-closable lid.

    So have some fun as you enjoy delicious barbecue sauces.

    Rufus Teague is an award-winning, independent producer of high-quality craft BBQ sauces and rubs.

    The company has a highly decorated product lineup that includes Honey Sweet, Touch ‘O Heat, Blazin’ Hot, Whiskey Maple, Smoky Apple, Steak Sauce, Chick N’ Rub, Meat Rub, Spicy Meat Rub, Fish Rub and Steak Rub.

    Boulevard Brewing Company is the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. Their beers are available in 45 states and 11 countries.


    [1] Tank 7 BBQ Sauce is made with a saison beer (all photos © Rufus Teague).

    [2] Space Camper is made with Boulevard Brewing’s IPA.

    [3] unfiltered wheat beer is the mildest (non-spicy) sauce.



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