National Gazpacho Aficionado Month comes at just the right time: May, when warmer weather makes chilled soup a treat.

(Why National Gazpacho Day is on December 6th is beyond us.)

Gazpacho is easy to make, and requires no stove. So it’s also a go-to dish for a hot summer day (and a hot kitchen).

Check out our selection of vegetable- and fruit-based gazpacho recipes.

  • Avocado Gazpacho
  • Blender Gazpacho
  • BLT Gazpacho
  • Gazpacho Shooters
  • Gazpacho Verde
  • Honeydew & Green Chile Gazpacho
  • Melon Gazpacho
  • Salsa Gazpacho
  • Salsa Gazpacho With Beer
  • Savory Chocolate Gazpacho
  • Savory Mango Gazpacho With Fromage Blanc Sorbet
  • Savory Pineapple Gazpacho
  • Savory Strawberry Gazpacho
  • Tri-Color Layered Gazpacho
  • White Gazpacho With Almonds, Grapes & Leeks
  • Yellow Bell Pepper Gazpacho

  • Gazpacho Sandwich
  • Gazpacho Garnishes

    [1] Gazpacho can be a canvas for a beautiful garnish of fruits, herbs and vegetables (photo © Botanica | Los Angeles).

    Yellow Gazpacho
    [2] Gazpacho isn’t just red. Different vegetables create yellow and green gazpacho, and there’s white gazpacho from almonds (photo © Chicken Fried Gourmet Blog [now closed]).



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