[1] Take a bite of fun fusion food: an apple pie hot dog (photos #1 and #5 © Chevrolet).

[2] If you want to make your own apple pie filling, here’s a recipe from Delicious Table (photo © Delicious Table).

[3] Or, buy your favorite brand (photo © Market Pantry | Target).

[4] Buy bacon jam or make your own: It’s easy! Here’s the recipe (photo by Grognar | CC BY 2.0 License).

[5] Guy Fieri in the Field Of Dreams. Hey Shoeless Joe, come and get an Apple Pie Hot Dog.


You don’t think of Chevrolet, the automobile manufacturer, as a creator of trendy cuisine. But they have succeeded in creating a fun new recipe, the Apple Pie Hot Dog.

Chevrolet calls it “the ultimate baseball fan food and what may arguably be the most American food ever created,” combing two iconic American foods, hot dogs and apple pie.

The Apple Pie Hot Dog is being introduced for the first time at the MLB at Field of Dreams game this Thursday, August 12th. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to taste it.

This Field Of Dreams is the same site of the 1989 film Field Of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner.

His character Ray, an Iowa farmer, hears a mysterious voice one night in his cornfield, entreating “If you build it, he will come” (here’s a clip).

He does build a baseball diamond, and “he” does come: the ghost of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, along with other great players of the past, who emerge from the corn crop to play ball.

Chevrolet combined the spirit of the acclaimed film with a catchy jingle from a Chevy ad campaign from the 1970’s: “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.”

Chevy thought it would be fun to rejuvenate the jingle in ballpark food form, enlisting Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, to create an innovative, craveable recipe.

The result, fusion food: a sweet and savory hand pie, comprising a hot dog, bacon jam and apple pie filling, sprinkled with raw sugar and pie spice.

The ingredients are enclosed in a pie pastry wrap.

The condiments on top are sweet and savory, too.

Ready to take a bite?


  • Hot dogs
  • Pie dough
  • Bacon jam, bought or homemade (recipe)
  • Apple pie filling, bought or homemade
  • Egg wash (beaten egg)
  • Garnish: raw sugar (e.g. demerara, substitute brown sugar)
  • Garnish: pie spice
  • Garnish: apple mustard (recipe below), substitute honey mustard
  • Garnish: crumbled crisp bacon

    1. MAKE the apple mustard: Purée apple pie filling and mix with yellow mustard in a 50:50 proportion. (We mixed ours with Dijon mustard, which we prefer.) You can make it up to a week in advance.

    2. PREHEAT the oven to 350°F. Roll the pie dough and cut into rectangles that will leave an inch or more on each side of the hot dog

    3. SPOON the bacon jam down the center of the bottom crust, leaving enough margin on all sides for folding and crimping (1″ or more).

    4. TOP the bacon jam with the apple pie filling. Add the hot dog. Brush the margins of the dough with the egg wash.

    5. STRETCH the top crust over the hot dog and fillings, until it reaches the edges of the bottom crust. Press closed and crimp closed with a fork. Sprinkle with the raw sugar and pie spice.

    6. PLACE on a parchment-covered or nonstick baking sheet and bake for 18-20 minutes. While the pies are baking…

    7. COOK the bacon to a crispy state and cut into a small dice when cool to the touch.

    8. TO SERVE: Zigzag the top of the pie with the apple mustard, and sprinkle with crisp bacon.

    Here’s a video.



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