[1] Just peel and eat. The packaging lets you consume the whole stick without needing a napkin (all photos © 4505 Meats).

[2] A trio of flavors: Cheddar, Red Hot and Original. Each two-ounce stick delivers 24g protein.

[3] Which would you rather have?

[4] Treat yourself to a box; above, Cheddar & Uncured Bacon.

[5] Prefer something hotter? Here it is!


Earlier this year, we were delighted to try the limited edition “Cheesse-Charones,” cheese flavored chicharrones from 4505 meats in San Francisco. They elevated conventional chicharrones so much, that we should have made them a Top Pick Of The Week. We’re remedying that error with this week’s Top Pick: 4505 Butcher’s Snack Sticks.

In 2009, chef and butcher Ryan Farr began to make chicharrones from leftover pork fat, selling them to local bars for extra cash.

They sold so well that Farr started 4505 Meats: an artisan, whole-animal butchery company devoted to sustainable practices and a desire to bring people simple-ingredient, low-or-no-carbohydrate, high protein foods.

The pork comes from humanely-raised, vegetarian-fed pigs, which are raised without antibiotics, on family farms, in stress-free environments.

We’re don’t usually eat meat snacks. Most of them are too tough or fatty for us and many are made with lesser-quality meat that requires too much spice.

But we’re pretty thrilled with 4505 Butcher’s Snack Sticks. They’re tender, meaty and beautifully seasoned.

Beyond snacks, we’ve served them:

  • With breakfast eggs
  • In a hot dog roll
  • As a wrap sandwich
  • Sliced onto a green salad
  • Diced into potato salad and grain salads
  • As a pasta and pizza topping
  • On a cheese board
  • With beer, cocktails and wine
    The flavor and texture are delightful.

    The new Paleo-friendly Snack Sticks are so delicious that we, don’t like to think of them as sausage links, a name that connotes a cheap snack for us.

    No, these are artisan meat sticks, crafted by artisan butchers from premium meat and nicely seasoned with the finest spices.

    The sticks are 98% pork and 2% seasonings, stuffed into a beef collagen casing.

    They’re an irresistible snack, packed with protein: 24g per stick, more protein than any meat stick currently in the market. They deliver great, meaty flavor; and nicely filling.

    Each stick is two ounces, is Keto-certified, Paleo-friendly and gluten-free. They’re made in three delicious flavors:

  • Original Recipe, a take on a bratwurst, seasoned with caraway and thyme (24g p4otein, 170 calories)
  • Cheddar & Uncured Bacon, studded with chunks of Cheddar cheese and uncured bacon (24g protein, 190 calories)
  • Red Hot, spiced with cayenne, coriander, paprika and a bit of yellow mustard (24g protein, 170 calories)
    These are not just another sausage or meat stick.

    You’ll immediately taste the higher-quality meat, from pigs raised with no antibiotics or added hormones. No nitrites or nitrates are used in the sticks.

    The products are available in grocery stores nationwide, and in the company’s Amazon store.

    While you’re at it, pick up some pork rinds (chicharonnes) and cracklings (the difference).

    Thinking ahead: a single stick makes a party favor or stocking stuffer. A box of 12 is a yummy gift for any meat lover (or beer lover!).

    For more information on visit 4505meats.com.



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