We couldn’t believe that N!CK’S Swedish Style Snack Bar had no added sugar (and just 2g sugar overall).

The line was developed to conform with the keto† diet. It provides a full-flavor candy bar experience using non-caloric, plant-based sweeteners; and delivers 14g – 15g of protein to boot.

You’d never know that there was zero refined sugar in these snack bars. The sweetness comes from alternative plant-based sweeteners* that provide sweetness without calories.

They taste great! That’s why they’re our Top Pick Of The Week.

If the flavor we tried (Choklad Peanot) is representative of all three varieties, they provide the experience of a chocolate-coated candy bar while being so much better for you.

N!CK’s gives you a keto candy bar experience with low net carbs and high protein. The flavors:

  • Choklad Peanot Bar, with lots of peanuts and caramel (3 net carbs, 15g protein, 180 calories).
  • Krispi Nougat Bar, with crispy bits and chocolate hazelnut cream (4 net carbs, 15g protein, 190 calories).
  • Karamell Choklad Bar with velvety caramel (4 net carbs, 14g protein, 160 calories).
    All are sweetened with natural noncaloric sweeteners*.
    The line is vegan.

    To date we’ve only tasted the Choklad Peanot Bar. It’s bursting with fresh peanut crunch and gooey caramel, .

    It’s oh-so-satisfying, and so chewy that it lasts longer. Have it with a beverage, and you’ll be full.

    We’ve even had them for lunch (there’s 15g protein, after all).

    It’s a guilt-free indulgence, worth every calorie.

    The NICK’s website currently only features only Choklad Peanot Bar.

    Amazon has all three flavors.

    A box of 12 bars is $ 335.95. That’s 12 days of yummy snack breaks!


    *N!CK’s products use a variety of plant-based sweeteners, including:
    Allulose, a sweetener found in figs and raisins.
    Erythritol, found in pears, plums and fermented foods. It can also be made from corn.
    Monk fruit, a small green gourd from Asia that has been used for sweetening since the 13th century.
    Stevia, from the stevia plant of South America.
    Sweet fiber, soluble corn fiber.
    Xylitol, also called birch sugar. It is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, and is produced in small amounts by our bodies every day.
    Check out our glossary of noncaloric sweeteners.

    †The ketogenic diet (keto for short) is a low carb, high fat diet that offers many health benefits. Here’s more about it.


    [1] The keto-friendly Choklad Peanot Bar from N!CK’S, one of three flavors (all photos © N!ICK’S).

    [2] N!CK’S Krispi Nougat Bar.

    [3] Karamell Choklad bars. The bars are sold in boxes of 12.



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