[1] The “Jewel” cocktail in a coupe glass (all photos © CÎROC),

[2] The “Passion” cocktail in a highball glass.

[3] A great holiday gift!


National Vodka Day, October 4th, is a food holiday that many of us gladly celebrate. We spent the day trying new vodka cocktails, and tried a new vodka as well: CÎROC Pomegranate, the brand’s latest limited-time offering. That means that if you want it, get it while it’s still on the shelves. While pomegranate is a year-round flavor, it’s popular during the holidays. The beautiful burgundy-colored bottle with gold lettering, showcasing a jewel tone of the season, makes it an impressive gift.

It will also look great on your bar or table. And the pomegranate vodka: delicious.

Sip it straight and you’ll find notes of juicy red berries with hints of strawberry, along with sweet and fruity pomegranate flavors.

The vodka also adds a special lift to cocktails. Two recipes follow, but first…

Another bonus: CÎROC is made from grapes, not grain, making it gluten-free.

There are two cocktail recipes below to get you started.

By the way, the circumflex over the second letter means that the name is pronounced “she-ROCK.”


  • The circumflex, a.k.a. the “little hat,” is the only French accent mark that is found on each of the five vowels. Historically, it often indicates a spelling change from Latin.
  • The brand name CÎROC is a combination of two French words: cime, meaning peak, and roche, meaning rock. The name reflects the hills of the Gaillac region of southern France, the highest wine growing region in France, where the vodka is made.
  • It’s an excellent grape-growing region.
    Ready for a sip?


  • 1 ounce CÎROC Pomegranate
  • .5 ounce grenadine
  • Sparkling wine
  • Ice
  • Garnish: lemon twist
  • Glass: coup

    1. COMBINE the vodka and grenadine in a mixing glass. Add ice and gently stir.

    2. STRAIN into a glass (without ice). Top off with sparkling wine and garnish.



  • 1.5 ounces CÎROC Pomegranate
  • 4-5 ounces cranberry juice
  • Garnish: lime
  • Ice
  • Glass: highball

    1. COMBINE all ingredients in a highball filled with ice. Gently stir and garnish.


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