Pecan lovers, rejoice. As of Monday, November 22nd, American Pecans, the American Pecan Council, is launching a special Thanksgiving campaign to help travelers whose flights get delayed or canceled—“pecanceled,” as the pecan folks have described it.

Holiday travel this year is expected to be nuts, says the American Pecan Council. Anticipating record travel delays, the Council wanted to do something to support Thanksgiving travelers.

Welcome to the “Pecanceled” Flights Set Right campaign, created to give succor to delayed and canceled passengers this Thanksgiving holiday.

Mmm, delicious pecan treats (photos #1 and #2)! Partnering with Farmer’s Fridge, a company that operates hundreds of automated smart fridges (photo #3), American Pecans will give away free, limited-edition pecan pie snack bites in select airports coast-to-coast, to anyone whose flight gets delayed or canceled. 

To receive a jar of pecan pie snack bites, passengers can simply DM @americanpecan on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with their canceled/delayed flight information. They’ll receive a code to get a jar from a Farmer’s Fridge vending machine at the airport (for a limited time while supplies last).

This holiday treat is made with pecans, rolled oats, maple syrup, and vanilla beans, and is packaged in a portable jar, ideal to help fuel weary travelers (and for the rest of us, too—they’re DEElicious [or should that be PEAcanlicious?], not to mention, packed with protein and energy).

If your flight is delayed or canceled, you’re eligible to enter the “Pecanceled” Flights Set Right Sweepstakes.

One unlucky traveler who misses his or her Thanksgiving as the result of a “pecanceled” flight, will be the lucky winner of the “Pie in the Sky” grand prize:

Round-trip, First Class air travel for the next five years to their Thanksgiving destination. Plus a year’s worth of American Pecans, and more treats.


Pecanceled passengers can enter the sweepstakes by visiting and submitting their “pecanceled” flight stories.

The sweepstakes runs nationwide from November 22nd to November 30th, 2021.
Of course, we hope that none of our beloved readers are delayed or canceled.

For everyone who is traveling, we recommend taking a package of shelled pecans with you as an energy snack food.

Did you know that the pecan is the only major tree nut indigenous to North America?

  • Almonds originated in Africa, the Middle East, and India.
  • Brazil nuts are native to the Amazonian forests of Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru.
  • Cashews* are from Brazil.
  • Hazelnuts hail from eastern and southern Europe.
  • Macadamia nuts are from Australia.
  • Peanuts† are indigenous to South America.
  • Pistachios come from the Middle East.
  • Walnuts are from Asia.
    Pecan trees have been growing in North America for millions of years. Although they are now planted in orchards, wild pecan trees account for about 30% of the nation’s harvest.

    Check out the history of pecans.

    *Although they grow on trees, cashews are actually seeds. They are the seeds of the drupe of the cashew tree. The shell is inedible due to the presence of toxins, which is why you never see cashews in their shells.

    †Peanuts are legumes, but are classified as nuts due to their similar characteristics to other tree nuts.


    [1] Pecan pie snack bites. Find them in Farmers Fridge vending machines in airport locations over the Thanksgiving Holiday (photos #1, #2 © American Pecan Council).

    [2] These are so good, we’re [hopefully] going to get the recipe.

    [3] An example of Farmers Fridge vending machines in airport locations. Here’s more about them (photo © NBC News | Harriet Baskas).

    [4] The shell doesn’t look intimidating, but “pecan” is an Algonquian word meaning “requiring a stone to crack” (photo © American Pecan Council).

    [5] Pecan nuts inside their husk. As the pecans inside start to ripen, the husks will turn brown and eventually begin to crack. Soon, the pecans start falling to the ground (photo © American Pecan | Facebook).





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