We always plan ahead for non-alcoholic drinks that are also fun. Last year, we discovered Santa Clausthaler Nonalcoholic Beer, a seasonal brew from Germany’s Clausthaler, the world’s largest brewer of non-alcoholic beer.

It’s purely coincidental that the brewery was able to insert “Santa” in front of its name to have a perfectly-named holiday beer. Pick up some of this lively, delicious, limited edition non-alcoholic beer to carry you and yours through the holidays and into Dry January.

Santa Clausthaler is a 50/50 blend of the award-winning Clausthaler Original, spiced with cranberry and cinnamon flavors of the season.

  • It’s very flavorful, full-bodied, warm with the malt and hops flavor you want in a beer.
  • It’s great to have on hand for anyone who wants a non-alcoholic drink.

    More than 50 years ago, Clausthaler patented the process for brewing beer without alcohol. Clausthaler Original was launched in 1979, the world’s first non-alcoholic beer.

    Clausthaler first made its mark in the canteens and cafeterias of the German labor force. At last, people could enjoy a cold beer in the middle of the workday without the worry of intoxication. The brand was an instant success [source].

    The brewery, which only produces non-alcoholic beer, continued to innovate with new flavors to meet the growing demand for good non-alcoholic beer.

    In addition to Santa Clausthaler, the year-round lineup includes Original, Dry Hopped, Unfiltered Dry Hopped, Grapefruit, and Lemon.

    Clausthaler is the most popular non-alcoholic beer in Europe, and winner of the World Beer Awards World’s Best Alcohol-Free* Beer.

    Clausthaler’s unique brewing process produces non-alcoholic beer that actually conforms to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516.

  • Other non-alcoholic beers are made from conventionally brewed beer. The alcohol is then removed by pressure, using either dialysis or the reverse-osmosis method.
  • The Clausthaler process ensures that little fermentable maltose (malt sugar) is produced. Thus, the yeast can only produce a tiny amount of alcohol—just .45% A.B.V.*


    *According to the Food and Drug Administration, a product labeled alcohol-free beer must contain no detectable levels of alcohol. These beers should be labeled 0.0% A.B.V. Products labeled non-alcoholic beer can contain up to 0.5% A.B.V. Different countries can have different regulations [source].

    A.B.V. is the acronym for Alcohol By Volume, which refers to the percentage of a drink that is pure alcohol. To get the proof, you double the A.B.V. Thus, an 80-proof vodka is 40% A.B.V. Clausthaler beer is .9% A.B.V. Double that and the proof is less than 1%, but it’s still a teeny bit of alcohol.


    [1] Don’t they look great? Santa Clausthaler nonalcoholic beer delivers lots of flavor and no alcohol* (photo © African Marketing | Facebook).

    [2] A good host always has interesting, non-alcoholic options for guests (photos #2 and #3 are courtesy of, and © copyright of, Craft Massachuetts | Facebook.

    [3] If you haven’t had a good non-alcoholic beer, grab a Clausthaler.





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