Every year for Earth Day, April 22nd, we try to implement one small thing to help save the planet. For years, we’ve been carrying empty cans and bottles back home to recycle. We established a “Saturday seek-out” to find leftovers and produce from the past week that is about to expire, and we eat them before they become food waste, a major contributor to climate change.

This year we discovered For Good compostable food wrap and zipper bags. If you’ve been hearing about the dangers of microplastics, the impact of plastic bags on the environment, and some dangers of plastic food wraps, you need to take a look at the products from For Good.

For Good is a family of sustainable, compostable household staples. The brand has wraps and bags that break down into carbon and water, leaving no trace of microplastics. You can get earth-friendly, feel-good:

  • Food wrap (cling wrap)
  • FSC Certified* Parchmant Paper
  • Trash bags (3, 4, and 13 gallon)
  • Zipper bags (snack, sandwich, storage)
    They are as sustainable as they are functional and convenient. They are:

  • Plant-based, compostable plastic (PLA and PBAT).
  • Match the performance and strength of conventional food wraps.
  • Have a kinder end of life and are made responsibly.
    One percent of every purchase goes to providing nutritious meals to food-insecure communities.


    There’s free shipping on your first order


    For Good Plastic Wrap
    [1] For Good’s compostable food wrap (both photols © For Good).

    For Good Zipper Bag
    [2] There are compostable zipper bags in three sizes.


    *FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit, multistakeholder organization established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests.





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