Iced Coffee Recipes
[1] Milk? Half-and-half? Light cream? Take your pick (photo © Pariwat Pannium | Unsplash).

Black Iced Coffee
[2] Or, simply enjoy a tall glass of black iced coffee (photo © Peet’s Coffee).

Iced Coffee Recipes With Whiskey
[3] Consider adding a splash of spirits (photo © Misunderstood Whiskey | Unsplash).


We’re always surprised when we see people on the street carrying iced coffee on the coldest days of winter. Brrr: Don’t below-freezing temps require hot coffee? You may not have to wait until May 25th, National Iced Coffee Day…but how about waiting until spring?

Not a chance: Cold coffee consumption will overtake hot coffee by 2030, predicts Peter Giuliano, executive director of the Coffee Science Foundation, the research arm of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Starbucks already reports that cold beverages dominate its portfolio; they make up 74% of total beverage sales, with much of that demand credited to the success of the company’s cold brew, nitro cold brew, and iced shaken espresso.

More evidence comes from the National Coffee Association, which reports that cold-coffee beverage consumption is up 23% since January 2021 and up 60% since their first poll in January 2014.

This significant shift in American coffee culture is remarkable when you consider how deep the rituals run around a steaming cup of morning joe,” writes Katie Ayoub in the professional chef’s website, Get Flavor.

Coffee shops and restaurants alike now have their eyes out for innovations on their cold coffee menus: new drinks and flavor combinations that make their coffee offerings stand out in a sea of competition.

At home, we vary our iced coffee with:

  • Different roasts.
  • Different sweeteners and syrups.
  • Different milks.
  • Spirits, from liqueurs to liquors.
    What about you?

    > Check out our iced coffee tips.

    > The history of coffee.

    > The different types of coffee.

  • Iced coffee recipes: Elegant Iced Coffee, Icy Mocha Rocaccino, Iced Coffee With Coffee Cubes, Chocolate Espresso Rush
  • Banana Iced Coffeee
  • Café Liégeois (With Ice Cream)
  • Thai Iced Coffee





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