Special Rosh Hashanah Box Of Chocolate For A New Year's Gift
[1] Sweet Celebrations are chocolates with flavors that celebrate Rosh Hashanah (photos #1 an #3 © Chocolat Moderne).

Apples & Honey, A Traditional Food For Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year
[2] Apples and honey are a traditional combination eaten for a “sweet” new year (photo © Good Eggs).

Rosh Hashanah Chocolate Gift
[3] A 6-piece sleeve of Sweet Celebrations.


In 2022, the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, begins on Sunday, September 25th, and culminates on the evening of Tuesday, September 27th. It commemorates the creation of the world.

One of the Rosh Hashanah traditions is to eat apples dipped in honey, to evoke a sweet new year.

How about chocolate?

Artisan chocolatier Joan Coukos of Chocolat Moderne, a Nibble favorite, has created a Sweet Celebrations collection to capture the flavors and traditions of the Jewish New Year. And yes, there is chocolate with apples and honey.

If you want an extra-special way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah—or want to send a gift—we recommend a box of Sweet Celebrations.

The handmade chocolates include two each of three dark chocolate and three milk chocolate bonbons:

Apple Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate: Green Apple and Calvados Caramel
  • Milk Chocolate: Ganache with Apple and Cinnamon
    Honey Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate: Blended Dark and Milk Chocolate Ganache with Japanese Yuzu Citrus and Honey
  • Milk Chocolate: Blended Dark and Milk Chocolate Ganache with Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey
    Traditional Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate: Dark Ganache with Pomegranate and Rosewater
  • Milk Chocolate: Halva Sesame Tahini and White Chocolate Praline
    Here’s more about the holiday.

    Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Days of Awe, a 10-day period of introspection and repentance that culminates in Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement.

    Four days after Yom Kippur, on October 2nd, the festival of Sukkot (the feast of the Tabernacles) begins. It remembers the years that the people of Israel spent sheltered in tents while crossing the desert from Egypt to the Promised Land.

    So there’s plenty of time to celebrate and enjoy fine chocolates.

    Head to Chocolat Moderne for Sweet Celebrations:

  • 6-Piece Sleeve
  • 12-Piece Box
  • 24-Piece Box
    While you’re there, check out the great chocolate bars, including our personal favorites, the Avant Garde bars. Heavenly!

    L’Shana Tovah!





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