Can Of Figgy Pudding Spam
[1] New Figgy Pudding SPAM, a limited edition for the holidays (all photos © SPAM Brand).

Slices Of Figgy Pudding Spam Elegantly Plated
[2] Slices of Figgy Pudding SPAM on a cake stand for a buffet.

Figgy Pudding Spam & Brie On Crackers
[3] An hors d’oeuvre: Figgy Pudding SPAM and Brie.

Christmas Pudding, also called Plum Pudding and Figgy Pudding
[4] An actually figgy pudding. Here’s the recipe (photo © California Figs).


There are currently 11 flavors of SPAM, from Jalapeño to Portuguese Sausage Seasoning; and, as limited editions for the holidays, Oven Roasted Turkey and Pumpkin Spice SPAM.

Now, SPAM is debuting a new holiday flavor, Figgy Pudding SPAM.

A few words on figgy pudding: It’s not what Americans think of as pudding. Rather, “pudding” is the British term for dessert. It can be anything sweet.

Figgy pudding is a steamed cake, soaked with brandy or rum and studded with dried fruit (dates, figs, plums). How much alcohol is in it? It’s often flambéed!

Here’s more about it and a recipe.

But back to the main topic.

Inspiration for the new flavor was a recent survey of 2,000 American adults. It revealed that 69% of consumers do know what Figgy Pudding is or have heard of it, but only 17% have had it.

Not surprising: It’s not really an American custom.

But that’s why the SPAM® Brand created its own fusion Figgy Pudding, giving SPAM the flavors of Figgy Pudding and adding another classic holiday flavor.

With both savory and sweet notes, SPAM® Figgy Pudding evokes a sense of nostalgia added as a slice with:

  • Breakfast eggs
  • Burger topping (a slice with or without a fried egg)
  • Hors d’oeuvre or appetizer plate (see below)
  • Hors d’oeuvre or snack skewers with cheese and gherkins
  • Salad course topper (or skewer on the side)
  • Snacks (how about musubi, SPAM sushi—see see photo #2)
    Imagine a food-fun hors d’oeuvre tray or appetizer plate with Figgy Pudding, Pumpkin, and Oven Roasted Turkey spam, with fancy crackers and a side of cranberry relish. Serve with sparkling wine and you’ve got a memorable dish. Also, see photo #3.

    Get Figgy Pudding SPAM while supplies last at, and Walmart.

    Also tune into a video animation of Santa and elves singing “We Wish You a Figgy Christmas” (And A SPAMTASTIC New Year!).

    For additional photos/videos, fact sheets, recipes, additional survey data, and more, please see HERE.

  • What is SPAM?
  • The history of spam
  • How SPAM got its name.
  • Yummy SPAM recipes
  • Why is junk email called spam?

  • The history of figgy pudding.

  • National SPAM Day is July 31st.
  • National SPAM Musubi Day is August 8th.



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