What green salad would you add to the Thanksgiving bounty?

The team at Diabetic.org turned to online search data to find out which salads were in demand and where.

They gathered 48 search terms from sources like Taste of Home and Taste Atlas and analyzed five years of data to determine every state’s most searched-for salad and dressing.

They also looked at “nontraditional” salads—those without lettuce, such as tuna salad or poke.

While the data don’t specifically answer the question, “What salad do you serve on Thanksgiving,” here’s what they indicate overall:

  • Wedge salad was the most searched (12 states), followed by Southwest salad and Cobb salad, which tied for second place (9 states).
  • Ranch dressing reigned supreme (13 states), followed by ginger dressing (11 states), and apple cider vinegar (6 states).
  • Not a big veggie person? Chicken salad (11 states) was the most searched non-green salad, closely followed by Caprese salad (10 states).
  • Looking to bring a more unusual dish?
    > Michigan was the only state to choose fattoush, a Middle Eastern salad with crunchy pita croutons.
    > Oklahoma chooses tabbouleh, a combination of chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, and bulgur.
    > Hawaii favors poke.
    > Wyoming’s biggest search was for frog eye salad (don’t worry: no frogs are harmed in the making of this dessert—see the footnote*).
    Here are the favorite salads by state.

    To serve a salad, or not to serve one at the big meal?

    Whichever, have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.


    Butternut Squash Salad for Thanksgiving
    [1] Our Thanksgiving salad includes roasted butternut squash and pecans in a lemon vinaigrette (photo © Go Bold With Butter).

    Thanksgiving Salad With Honeycrisp Apples, Pecans & Sultana Raisins
    [2] Another Thanksgiving salad idea: romaine and radicchio with walnuts and sultana raisins (photo © Le Coq Rico | NYC [permanently closed]).


    *Frog eye salad is a sweet pasta salad made with acini de pepe pasta (tiny rounds the size of peppercorns), canned fruits such as pineapple and mandarins, an egg custard, and whipped topping. Often it’s topped with marshmallows and/or coconut.




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