The Cheetos Duster is a gift for the die-hard Cheetos Fan. The snack brand is causing mischief in the kitchen with its first-ever cooking gadget.

What is the Cheetos Duster? It spreads Cheetle, the orange dust from Cheetos, to elevate your dishes to epic proportions.

From mac and cheese to salads to fries and beyond, your dishes can reach new levels of cheesy goodness. Here are some ideas to spark culinary inspiration:

  • Cheetos-Coated Mozzarella Sticks: This cheesy, spicy, and crunchy take on the classic appetizer is sure to please a crowd. And don’t forget the ranch dressing.
  • Flamin’ Hot Turkey Legs: Looking for an upgrade to the traditional holiday turkey? A simple coating of flour, spices, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetle takes these to the next level.
  • Cheetos-Rimmed Cocktails: From Bloody Marys to spicy Margaritas, Flamin’ Hot Cheetle adds a kick to any cocktail as a rim garnish.
  • Cheetos-Dusted Donuts: A cheesy sweet and spicy mash-up, a sprinkle of Cheetle adds an unexpected cheesy bite or spicy punch to a sweet donut treat.
    To use the Cheetos Duster, simply fill the glass jar with any Cheetos snacks and press the power button. Cheesy magic awaits.

    Fans can purchase the Cheetos Duster exclusively on Amazon. You’ll also find an array of Chester-approved recipes to spark inspiration.
    > The history of Cheetos & Cheese Doodles


    Cheetos Duster
    [1] The Cheetos Duster (both photos © Cheetos).

    Cheetos Duster
    [2] What will you dust first?





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