February is National Pie Month. What do you need to make a pie? A rolling pin*, pie plate, and ingredients. But how about an embossed rolling pin that adds a design to your crust?

Designed by Rotate Rolling, these beautiful rolling pins create a perfectly textured crust for the top of a double-crust pie (including lattice tops).

You can also use your Rotate Rolling Pin—which comes in 16 designs—to create designs on:

  • Cookies: It’s great for shortbread and other cookies with stiff dough.
  • Fondant: Like dough, you can roll out pre-packaged or homemade fondant with a regular rolling pin and then add your embossed pattern.
  • Pasta: Add designs to homemade sheets of pasta. The design still appears when you cut them into noodles.
    And if you’re a crafter:

  • Clay: But you need a separate rolling pin, not one that will be used with food, because the clay will get into the tiny crevices, and bits of clay can get mixed into your cookie dough.
    To clean the rolling pins, simply wash them in lukewarm water.

    The designs include:

  • Artistic: Geometric Designs, Embroidery, LOVE Pattern, Paisley
  • Holiday: Christmas, Hanukkah
  • Nature: Birds, Dinosaur Eggs (doubles for Easter Eggs), Flowers, Jungle Animals
  • Pets: Cats, Paws
  • Plus: Musical Notes
    The eco-friendly rolling pins are made from all-natural 100% beech wood, made to last a lifetime. The designs are laser-cut.

    For your home, and for gifts for friends who bake, head to RotateRolling.com.
    > The different types of pie.

    > The different types of cookies.

    > The history of pie.

    > The history of cookies.
    Don’t have a rolling pin? Use a wine bottle!


    Rotate Rolling Pin Embossed Rolling Pins
    [1] Roll out a beautiful pie crust with one of 16 designs (all photos © Rotate Rolling).

    Rotate Rolling Embossed Rolling Pin With Leaf Pattern
    [2] Cookies embossed with lovely leaves.

    Rotate Rolling Embossed Rolling Pin With Bird Design
    [3] Emboss your crust, cookies, fondant, or pasta with birds.


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