Most people that are on a bodybuilding contest diet make a few mistakes that can actually wreck their progress or any gains that they hope to make. Look at it this way, you’ve decided on competing and dedicate the next twelve weeks to training hard, eating low calories and doing hours of cardio. You do […]

Diet Tips

Remember that you can never reduce your weight while going to the gym daily, lifting weights and doing your cardio if you do not follow a diet for bodybuiding workout.   Weight training should be coupled with the right nutrition and diet. If you train like a freak and forget to eat the right food, […]

Balanced Diet Plan

Bodybuilding must create a balanced synergy between the appropriate nutrition requirements, occasional aerobic exercises, and the intense but brief weight exercises, in the training program. The key to successful bodybuilding lies in balancing the various facets that add up to accumulation of permanently developed physique. A proper diet accompanied by strict weight watcher cannot form […]

Balanced Diet Chart