We’ve polished off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, enabling us to focus on Christmas. Our first effort is our annual batch of fancy Chex Mix, great for home snacking, visitors, and handing out in small gift bags to delivery guys. This year, the folks at Chex have outdone themselves with Merry Grinch Mix (photo […]

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Buying a Christmas gift for your teenager can be fun and exciting, as the options are endless. With so many options though it may be hard where to look, but with the right Christmas gift idea you can add enjoyment to their life while keeping them occupied for hours, days, and months. Teenagers love video […]

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Christmas food is normally rich in calories and processed carbohydrates. Eating too many mince pies or overindulging on chocolate can quickly lead to some unwanted festive weight gain. Fortunately, this year you can ensure that you avoid the Christmas bulge by taking advantage of these 4 food substitutes for a low calorie Christmas. 1) CLOTTED […]

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December 23rd is National Pfeffernüsse Day, celebrating a traditional German Christmas cookie: rounded, spicy and coated in powdered sugar. Pronounced FEH-fehr-NEE-suh, the word means “pepper nuts.” The “nuts” refer to the nut-like hardness of the cookie; there are no nuts in the recipe. Rather, these cookies are laden with gingerbread spices (anise, cloves, nutmeg), and […]

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[1] Green beans with red accents (photo courtesy Melissas.com). [2] Julienned sundried tomatoes (photo courtesy Sevillo Fine Foods).   Our holiday meals are known for too much food. We wish we could cut back on the number of dishes on the groaning board, but we can’t. We want them all. But we do intersperse high-calorie […]

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve already ordered your turkey and you’re starting to pack the cupboards full of your usual Christmas goodies. But STOP!  Wait a moment. Remember, this is the time of year when you always pile on the pounds.  The time of year when you end up eating far more than you […]

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