[1] Ballpark Crunch Toffee adds peanuts and popcorn (all photos © Mel’s Toffee except as noted). [2] Maple Bourbon Pecan Toffee was a winner in the International Toffee Competition and a judge’s favorite in the International Chocolate Salon. [3] Mexican Hot Chocolate Toffee is our personal favorite, for the zinginess of the cinnamon and jalapeño. […]

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Rosé wine consumption has exploded in the U.S. over the past several years. The wine has been growing and growing in popularity, replacing that “glass of white wine” in the hearts and hands of people who used to always sip on Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio.     THE POPULARITY OF ROSÉ In fact, rosé outsells […]

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October 17th is Four Prunes Day. It may sound like a funny name for a food holiday. It was based on medical advice that four to nine prunes a day would help with “digestive regularity.” We love prunes and prune juice. But many Americans steer clear of them, perhaps because of their long association with […]

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Matzo, variously translated from Hebrew as matzoh, matza, matzah, matztzah and other spellings, is a 3,000-year-old accidental recipe.   SOME MATZO HISTORY As anyone who knows the story of Exodus will remember, in the time of Moses, Egypt’s pharaoh* finally agreed after much appealing, and then the 10 plagues, to let the enslaved children of […]

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  Vegetarian diets involve really several low body fat recipes which can be employed by a lot of weight watchers on the planet for various causes. Based on what sort of vegetarian they may possibly be men and girls are wanting to produce distinct low body fat vegetarian recipes. Men and girls are turning towards […]

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