[1] Beer goes great with turkey. This is an amusing optic from Joe Morette, a New Hampshire turkey farmer. Back in 1993, one of his birds accidentally knocked over a beer and started drinking it. Since then, Morette has been giving his turkeys beer which, he says, yields a more flavorful and juicy meat. Bonus: […]

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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Best Way to Lose Weight Fast with Mediterranean Diet Plan (Healthy Dinner Recipes, Mediterranean Diet for Dummies, Diet … Mediterranean Diet Ebook, Best Diet Books) Enjoy Amazing Food while Losing Weight ! Today only, get this amazing book for just .99. Regularly priced at .99. This cookbook is a seven day meal […]

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What do I make for dinner today? Every day we seem to be stuck answering this question. Most of the times, we dont have time to cook after a hard day and finally give in to fast foods. Fast foods or high calorie foods are a delight to the taste buds and requires less cleaning […]

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In the life of today’s world, it seems as if everyone is trying to look for a quick and easy recipe that is healthy. When you finally come across that one recipe that you have been looking for, you find that it requires a ton of stuff. You plan the meal, sit down and make […]

Healthy Diet Tips

Let me guess.  You’re new to a low fat raw vegan diet and while you love being able to eat pounds and pounds of fruit everyday, you’re having trouble satisfying your savory tooth at the end of the day. Well, here are all of my favorite savory raw recipes. And don’t worry, they are all low […]

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