Enjoy your Aperol Spritz—or other colorful cocktail—in this fish-shaped stemware. The shape is actually not the Japanese clownfish, the species of orange-and-white-striped hero of Finding Nemo. Instead, it’s the infamous Japanese blowfish, or fugu. If blowfish isn’t prepared properly, lethal amounts of the poison tetrodotoxin, which exists in its inner organs, will leak into the […]

Diet Tips

Growing up, we had pork chops for dinner once a week. Mom pan-fried them with a Dijon glaze, and served them with sides of caramelized onions and her skin-on, chunky mashed potatoes. Caramelized onions mixed into the mashed potatoes, by the way, generates an even better flavor experience greater than eating them separately. Some caramelized […]

Diet Tips

Finding diets that work is every girls dream come true (and as it seems many guys as well). There are many different programs and pill and magic drinks that promise to make you shed off the pounds and all you have to do is take that pill, or drink that juice or follow this plan […]

Dieting Tips For Weight Loss

Today, weight gain has become a major problem for maximum number of people around the world. Rather, I can say, it has become the biggest enemy for them, which they are not able to get rid of. This is the reason why, you will find every next person running after Easy Diet Recipes for cutting […]

Balanced Diet Plan

A search for diet pills that work can be an ardent task, principally because the human frame shows inconsistence between different persons. The digestion processes of different individuals also vary which leads to the need of specific remedies. Therefore when looking for products with which to become slim, it is important to take an individualistic […]