eCreamery is one of those great online finds where you can customize labels as a gift for your favorite ice cream lover. Since 2007, eCreamery has been churning out superpremium ice cream: classic favorites, original flavors, and customers’ own unique creations.     ICE CREAM FOR HALLOWEEN Get ready for some “to die for” frozen […]

Diet Tips

Employee assessments can be a necessary evil of working in a management position. No one enjoys having to analyze and criticize another individual’s performance or decisions, especially when the results may be unfavorable. The key to making assessments a positive experience for everyone involved is to keep them fair and balanced. By opening up the […]

Balanced Diet Chart

Does dieting have to be limited to starvation, pills, and powdered shakes? We often become hesitant to go on a “diet” because we assume that we’ll be hungry or cringe during every meal. The real problem is that we perceive weight loss the wrong way. Weight loss shouldn’t be about simply losing weight. It should […]

Diet Foods