We’re still in the first blush of the new year, and have actually exercised every day and eaten more healthfully (except for an errant black-and-white cookie). We’ve been going down the list below, sent to us by Sara Siskind, a Certified Nutritional Health Counselor and founder of Hands On Healthy cooking classes for adults, families […]

Diet Tips

Fat loss tips that are PROVEN to work. Trust us, we asked the scientists. “We accumulate stored fat very fast,” says Dr Pablo Enriori, from Monash University’s Neurophysiology research group. “In 15 minutes you’re going to get a lot of insulin in circulation. This is induced to accumulate fat in tissue as well as used in […]

Diets To Lose Weight

Foods high in fiber are important in weight loss as well as for your overall health. In addition to helping to reduce risk of certain diseases, they also help to control insulin levels in your body. When insulin levels are high, your body is in a fat storing mode instead of fat burning one. Your […]

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Rob Dionne – : Personal Trainer, Workout Program, Fitness Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Lean Muscle, Healthy Lifestyle, Paleo Diet, Health and Fitness Interviews with Ben Greenfield, Mike Bledsoe, Mark Sisson, Sara Ballantyne, Mark Bell & more. – Open Sky Fitness : Workout Program | Fitness Tips | Weight Loss Tips | Healthy Lifestyle | Lean […]

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Men’s Health Muscle Chow: More Than 150 Easy-to-Follow Recipes to Burn Fat and Feed Your Muscles Achieving your best body ever requires that two elements merge as one: solid training and good nutrition. This book provides the nutritional component of that muscle-building equation, offering the Men’s Health take on food for fitness. Men’s Health Muscle […]

Healthy Diet Tips

Are you planning some lifestyle changes that are going to involve some form of dieting and maybe an attempt at a regular exercise routine? If you are, perhaps it will not hurt you to consider some healthy ways to go about it. Regardless of your motive for weight loss or buffing up your body, the […]

Healthy Diet Tips